Our Milk

For the reason that we follow utmost standards of cleanliness and quality management, EGO produces highest quality milk and delivers it to your threshold. We make sure that our milk will give you all the health benefits you can get from drinking milk & eating curd,buttermilk,ghee,paneer and many more. Our milk comes with complete pureness while maintaining the taste, and nutrients together. Our milk can be used in a variety of ways. Along with drinking high-quality unadulterated milk, you can also make best quality curd, buttermilk, paneer, and many more things that will not only taste good but they will also be good for your health.

Why Should You Drink EGO Milk?

Drinking our milk comes with wide range of benefits including

  1. We produce milk from wide range of breeds and the choice is yours.
    • We produce A2 milk which is the best milk you will ever get from the Indian Gir cows,highly good for health,benificial for concious,pregnant women,new moms,new born babies,children,oldage and also diabetic patients.
    • We also produce Gersey and HF breed cow milk for low fat consuming benefits with health.
    • We produce Buffalo milk from Murrah breed buffaloes for high taste milk and health benifits.
  2. Our milk is not touched with bare human hands.
  3. All through the process of milking to delivery, human hands never touch the milk and the same tasty and nutritious milk is delivered to your house.

  4. Our milk is fresh.
  5. We follow strict regime when it comes to producing high quality milk. As a result we make sure that milk is never exposed to any kind of infection.

  6. Cows and buffaloes are milked by highly trained workers.
  7. We have highly trained workers who are given comprehensive education regarding animal welfare and farm management.

  8. No drugs are given to our animals to increase the milk production.
  9. We never ever use any kind of synthetic harmones on our animals to increase their productivity and increase the milk production of our farms.

  10. Our animals are given highly nutritious food to produce high quality milk.
  11. We only provide our animals with environment-friendly foodstuffs that carry vital nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for cows and buffaloes to produce high quality milk.

    Not everyone deliver the same quality of milk. And we pride ourselves to be the best milk producer. At EGO, fresh top quality milk is supplied every day to a variety of consumers. We never treat our cows and buffaloes with any kind of growth hormone and our team of trained workers or farmers are fully devoted to treat the animals with care and also reduce the negative impact on environment. Furthermore, our milk taste quite delicious in its purest form and you can make best quality cream, cottage cheese, curd, ice cream, fruit shakes, butter etc. from it.

    EGO is your best bet if you are looking for pure, greatest tasting, highest quality milk for your dear ones. After all, we have been serving the communities since our forefathers’ period of time and nothing has changed since then, at least when it comes to quality. Our ancestors used to produce best quality unadulterated milk for their family, friends and other people in local community and we also do the same but in more advanced ways to reach cities. our dairy farm implement a comprehensive testing sequence to retain purity, superiority, and essence of the milk produced.

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