Our Dairy Farm

It is a renowned info that the dairy business contributes significantly to the economies of a lots of societies, districts, states, and countries. Now, with increase in population, demand for more and more quality dairy farms is increasing all over the world and this industry is going global. As a result, it has increased the possibility and power of the dairy trade to a greater level. That is how we have designed EGO, also known as Environmental Go. It is milk producing facility, working based on global level quality standards. EGO’s dairy farms supply best quality milk to a variety of customers. Our ancestors had been producing milk to centuries and with best possible quality.

Milk is amongst the exceedingly controlled foodstuffs in the country. Producing and preserving the freshness, cleanness, and excellent quality of milk is a very important job and that is done at our dairy farm every day. It starts from the time when milk is extracted from the cows & buffaloes and finished when excellent quality milk with freshness is delivered to the clients within hours period of time.

Our dairy never compromises with the quality

Our livestock handlers pay exclusive attention to the animals’ diets and living situations to give them a healthy and hygienic environment. Along with the healthy environment, we also give them healthy diet full of all necessary nutrients in order to standardize the fat content in milk, which is produced from our cows and buffaloes. In addition to proper diet, we also monitor our animals’ health by organizing their health check-ups on regular basis. Maintaining well-cleaned paraphernalia and methodical cleaning of the udder before milking is also done in timely manner.

We care for our animals

Our cows and buffaloes spend their in their well-maintained paddocks and around water holders. They are checked by well-qualified vets and are watched daily for any signs of possible disease or weakness. When any problematic situation occurs, we take appropriate steps to reinstate our animals’ well-being and security. Along with that, we put our best efforts to preserve our soil and water resources to make available a good dwelling for our cows and buffaloes, keeping in mind all their requirements. We also handle the wastage from our dairy in an ecologically friendly way.

We believe in solid foundation

For us, constructing a flourishing dairy farm begins with devising a full proof investment plan, finding the right breeds for cows and buffaloes, immaculate recordkeeping, superior disease controlling, managing productivity issues and achieving all things that makes us the best amongst best. One more step towards creating an ideal dairy farm is that we train and educate our workers on how to handle animals with care and manage other farm related procedures and issues. Last but not the least, the most important part in making our dairy farm best is our top level customer service. We believe in building good and positive relationship with our customers that will go a long way. We understand what their needs are and how to fulfil them in best possible way.

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