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At EGO dairy farm, we do everything possible to keep our cows and buffaloes in good physical shape and happy with their surroundings. We provide them with food that will keep them healthy and produce high quality milk for our customers. We work with dairy practices that keep our animals in relaxed state and our milk the most natural product you will ever get. Our cows spend time in paddocks and ground as well, grazing at whatever time possible. It is the most healthy and natural way for our cows to spend their time. We never use any kind of synthetic growth harmone to increase the milk production and you would never find any traces of any kind of drugs existent in the milk.

Here at EGO, we define our farm’s relationship with our cows and buffaloes in the form of care and wellbeing. Our cows and buffaloes are like dearly loved family members with same personality and expectations as any other individual.

In the course of their fruitful years, our flocks help in delivering nutritious and tasty milk for our customers while we make sure that they get best possible care and treatment. Our workers never bring any decline in their caring efforts when cows and buffaloes reach beyond their productivity years.

We cherish our cows and buffaloes

When it comes to caring and pampering our animals, we leave no stone unturned. Our cows and buffaloes have the best ability to deliver top quality milk. Each cow and buffalo is held in unspoiled condition. Along with shaded areas under the green trees to rest and recover, they are also given reprieve from hot days with cool water washes. We support and treasure our animals like no other, as a nurtured cow or buffalo will provide you with best quality milk in better quantity. What could be better than creamy and nourishing milk that will taste far better than anything you have ever tasted?

We believe in providing the best of everything

At our farms across Telangana, cows and buffaloes are treated with care and caution by our well-trained team of workers. Their main focus is on what our animals want and what is right for them. So we fulfil their constant supply of food and water by providing them with proper diets designed by our nutrition experts and their own sprayers and washes. We nurture our animals in such a way that we never have to force feed them or milk them forcibly.

While we are fully committed towards delivering our customers with fresh milk without any traces of any kind of drugs or chemical, we have also pledged to keep our cows and buffaloes in best shape and health giving them best care and treatment. To avoid the usage of any kind drugs, we provide best diet program that not only keep our flocks healthy and contented, it also provide us with best quality milk full of cream and healthy fat. We do not supply milk from sick animals or those who are under treatment. We test every batch of milk before sending it out for delivery to our customers.

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