EGO is a reputed dairy farm dedicated to maintain highest standards of product quality. We have been in dairy since our forefathers’ time and finally in 2018 we decided to spread our quality products to society to give them and their future generations an option to live a strong and healthy life. Located across several different areas of Telangana, EGO is spread over large acres of land and is the most advanced milk facility in India. It is well-appointed with the traditional practise for nurturing, milking and handling, meeting the requirements to intercontinental dairy practices.

EGO Company is a reproduction of our desire to serve people with best quality milk. Milk apprehends the imaginings, stimulates curiosity and wisdom, enhances color and essence, and helps in achieving fulfilment and happiness. We believe we have played a very momentous part in firming up and protecting your health for years by delivering best quality unadulterated milk and will continue to do so. We are aware of the fact that milk at its finest signifies the zenith of sustenance and healthiness. For eons, dairy farmers have engaged in exceptional care of their livestock and their surrounding environs. Our ancestors had been one of them and we are still working with same dedication and willingness. At present, we are active participants of local communities and trying our best to give back as much as we are getting from society.

Our dairy farmers are hardworking people and they take immense pride in delivering the highest quality milk to families, communities, and various other clienteles. They are active members of their societies and they work focusing on their communities’ welfare. They care genuinely about the ecological atmosphere and do their best to produce milk without harming the environment. They are connoisseurs of milking and safety, and spend numerous hours to keep the animals safe, healthy, and happy.

At EGO, our milk is distributed fresh from our farm across Telangana state. You can always count on us whenever you have a craving finest taste and top quality milk for your loved ones. We produce our milk and do not extract any kind cream or fat from it and deliver the same produced milk to public with complete hygiene. We never treat our cows with growth hormone and our farmers work consistently while giving their best. Our milk quality has been enjoyed by various families across the state for generations and we have never backed away from the challenge of supplying milk on consistent basis without making even the slightest of compromises with the quality. We hope you and your family will be able to enjoy it several years to come.

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