We have the best breeds of cows and buffaloes in order to obtain the best quality of milk with all the required nutrients. We have three breed of cows.

  • Jersey
  • Holstein Friesian
  • Gir

The buffalo breed we have is the Murrah buffaloes.

We deliver high-quality, pure milk which everyone cannot offer. We take pride in selling the best quality of milk in the entire state. At EGO, you will find the top quality of milk supplied and delivered to the consumers and vendors every day. We have established dairy and we give the assurance of delivering the same high-quality milk in every zone, where we have our dairy farms.  The reason behind the amazing quality of milk is that we never treat our cows and buffaloes with any kind of hormonal treatments. We sincerely do not believe in injecting and torture to the animals, hence the milk production is pure and harmless. We deliver pure quality of milk and the supply is done in glass bottles which keep the milk safe. We also have cold chain supply which maintains the temperature and keeps milk from decay. The taste of milk is delicious, and texture is naturally thick. We have devoted workers who are willing to work to satisfy the customer’s requirements. We offer pure, tasty, high-quality milk which is the best choice for you. 

No, EGO milk does not use preservatives for the storage of milk. We believe in delivering pure and fresh milk in all over the areas. The usage of preservatives is not good, and it degrades the quality and the effectiveness of nutrients from the milk.  

At the present time, the EGO milk is giving out services in Hyderabad.

Yes, the EGO milk is tested in a proper manner before the delivery of the product on priority basis.  We test each and every batch of milk before sending it out for delivery 

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