Welcome to our farm!

Here you will find a wide range of healthy and fresh dairy products
that were proudly produced at our farm by our farmers and cows.
Welcome to EGO!

We never compromise with the quality

Our workers pay exclusive attention to the animal's diets and living situations to give them a healthy and hygienic environment. We also monitor our animal's health by organizing their regular health check-ups on regular basis,maintaining well-cleaned paraphernalia and methodical cleaning of the udder before milking is also done in timely manner.

We care for our animals

Our cows and buffaloes spend their time in their well-maintained paddocks and around water holders. They are checked by well-qualified vets and are watched daily for any signs of possible disease or weakness. When any problematic situation occurs, we take appropriate steps to reinstate our animals’ well-being and security.

Our milk

No drugs are given to our animals

We never ever use any kind of artificial elements on our animals to increase their productivity and increase the milk production of our farms.

Not touched with bare human hands

All through the process of milking to delivery, human hands never touch the milk and the same tasty and nutritious milk is delivered to your house.

Milked by highly trained workers

We have highly trained workers who are given comprehensive education regarding animal welfare and farm management.

Meet our team

Ms Reshma Owner

Mr Bala Krishna Operations Manager

Mr Balraj Yadav Execution Head

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